giovedì 19 marzo 2015


26/29 marzo 2015
4 giorni dalle 10,00/15,00 

h: 10,00/11,15 Gaga class
h: 11,30/13,00 Andrea Costanzo's Repertory
h: 13,00/15,00 Repertorio Imbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollack Dance Company
Saturday and sunday h: 10,00/16,00

- Prezzo speciale per pagamenti entro il 28 febbraio € 130,00 (4 gg)  
- Special prices within february 26th  € 130,00 for ayment within february 28th
To register please click here

- Entro il 15 marzo tariffa professionale e insegnanti
- Within march15th professional fee (30% discount) and the rate for teachers (20% less) 

- tariffe professionali € 135,00 (4 days) € 115,00 (3 days)  + r.m. 
- teachers fee € 155,00 + r.m. (4 days) or € 135,00 + r.m. (3 days)  

- tariffa per uomini  € 135,00 (per gli interessati ai 4 giorni di workshop) 
- male fee € 135,00 (for 4 days)
  NEW!!! - tariffa studenti universitari € 100,00 x 3 giorni - € 130 studenti (4 gg)

 After march 15th
- 1 day class & Repertory (1 days)     €   65,00 +  m.r.  
- 2 days class & Repertory (2 days)   €  120,00 +  m.r 
- 3 days class &Repertory( 3 days)   €   165,00 +  m.r.
- 4 days class & Repertory (4days)    €  195,00 + m.r.

Discounts for schools
10% off up to 5 students from the same school
20% discount for more than 5 students from the same school
10% fino a 5 ragazzi della stessa scuola- 20% per più di 5 ragazzi

PAYMENT METHOD : Bank transfer
Banca Regionale Europea
Via Giolitti, 16 10100 Torino

IBAN - IT25X0690601015000000001183 BREUITM1

banking expenses will be charge to the student
For reservation about accomodation please call Tel 0039 3356931525 Romina
or send an email at: 

Andrea Costanzo Martini was born in Cuneo Italy.

He graduated in 2004 from the Ballet Academy Heinz Bosl Stiftung in Munich.

After a beginning as a ballet dancer he traveled between Israel and Sweden where he worked for BATSHEVA DANCE COMPANY (directed by Ohad Naharin), CULLBERG BALETTEN and INBAL PINTO & AVSHALOM POLLACK DANCE CO.
He Performed in pieces of Ohad Naharin , Sharon Eyal, Jiri Kylian,Crystal Pite, Alexander Ekman, Benoit Lachambre, Inbal Pinto.

Andrea started choreographing in the frame of Batsheva Iotsrim (Dancers Create) between 2007 and 2010 for both the young ensemble and the main company.
In 2009 one of his pieces his chosen for the Production of a video dance by videoartist Ori Golan.In 2011 He creates a Work for Six Male Dancers from the Cullberg Ballet called "For men Only" , performed at the Moderna Dans Theater In Stockholm.
In March 2013 his solo piece "What Happened in Torino" receives the first prize for Dance and Choreography at the Stuttgart Solo Tanz Competition.Since then the work has been touring internationally (Israel,Italy,Germany,Switzerland)

Together with his work as Performer and Choreographer he teaches Gaga and Improvisation in various schools and companies (Cullberg Baletten, Swedish Royal Ballet, DOCH and Pinto dance company among others) .

If by reason of Act of God, beyond the control of either party, the workshop/s set out above are cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization itself, repay the entire amount paid for participation.
If you cancel, we regret that Nuova Officina della danza Asd cannot make any refunds. Please make sure that you can make the dates 

Se per qualsiasi ragione il workshop subisse cambiamenti o cancellazioni, ci saranno rimborsisolo ed esclusivamente per ragioni imputabili all'organizzazione stessa. Se l'associato cancella la propria partecipazione, ci dispiace ma Nuova Officina della danza non potrà effettuare nessun rimborso, neanche parziale.

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