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All Workshops are included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program fee
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- Full program from 21 September to 23 December: € 900.00 (possibility of financing and payment by installments)
- Payment in a single solution: € 850.00
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September 21/22 h: 10,00/14,00

The goal of this intensive workshop is to share the most relevant aspects of the contact as a method of scenic composition with participants. Aspects that Sharon has been working with throughout his career as a philosophy approach to the understanding of human relations. The workshop is organized around the analysis of questions that Sharon is dealing in his work and how we can execute and reveal new answers. Concepts such as organic, need, instability, fall, cooperation and support (the basis of his creations) will rule the development of working sessions.
The workshop is intended for: students and professionals dancers.
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September 23/25 h: 11,00/14,30
Anchor Technique and movement research
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Each class is diverse and explores a variety of concepts such as gravitation, time, body textures, chains of movement, space and relations to it, finding anchors inside the body and their relation to the ground. Using imagination and fantasy by creating our own space through exploring and researching organic and inorganic actions of the human’s body. It contains a strong embodiment through going back to basics of movements and stage presence. The class develops a full body engagement and opens our awareness

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Dor is the winner of the prize of the Israeli Ministry of Culture for 'Best Cast Performance’ in 2014 and 2013. He also received an 'audience award' at the Copenhagen Choreography Dance Competition 2014, and he is a winner of ZOA scholarship for young artists in 2006. As a dancer he worked with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company directed by Rami Be’er, and with Vertigo Dance Company directed by Noa Wertheim. During his dance carrier he had a great chance to perform in pieces made by William Forsythe, Marco Goecke, Emanuel Gat, Susanne Linke and many other.
He has been working with Idan Sharabi & Dancers as a dancer and teacher since 2012. in 2014-2015 he was teaching in NDT2, The Royal Danish Ballet, The Danish Dance Theatre, New Dialect, Contemporary School of Hamburg and many more.
Dor is a certified Pilates Instructor (Mat and Machinery), and a Thai Massage Therapist.

October 15/18
Gaga class - Imbal Pinto Repertoire - Costanzo Rep.
h: 11,00/12,15
h: 12,30/14,30
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  Andrea Costanzo Martini 
was born in Cuneo Italy. He graduated in 2004 from the Ballet Academy Heinz Bosl Stiftung in Munich.
After a beginning as a ballet dancer he traveled between Israel and Sweden where he worked for BATSHEVA DANCE COMPANY (directed by Ohad Naharin), CULLBERG BALETTEN and INBAL PINTO & AVSHALOM POLLACK DANCE CO.
He Performed in pieces of Ohad Naharin ,Sharon Eyal, Jiri Kylian,Crystal Pite,Alexander Ekman,Benoit Lachambre,Inbal Pinto. 
Andrea started choreographing in the frame of Batsheva Iotsrim (Dancers Create) between 2007 and 2010 for both the young ensemble and the main company.
In 2009 one of his pieces his chosen for the Production of a video dance by videoartist Ori Golan.In 2011 He creates a Work for Six Male Dancers from the Cullberg Ballet called "For men Only" , performed at the Moderna Dans Theater In Stockholm.
In March 2013 his solo piece "What Happened in Torino" receives the first prize for Dance and Choreography at the Stuttgart Solo Tanz Competition.Since then the work has been touring internationally (Israel,Italy,Germany,Switzerland)
Together with his work as Performer and Choreographer he teaches Gaga and Improvisation in various schools and companies (Cullberg Baletten,Swedish Royal Ballet,DOCH and Pinto dance company among others) .

October 19/24 Gaga class h: 11,00/12,15
October 19/23 Weimberger work
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Born in Israel in 1987.  Tom graduated from the Amal School of Arts and Sciences and joined the Batsheva Ensemble in 2005.  He continued to the Batsheva Dance Company from 2008 to 2011, where he worked with Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal.  In 2012, Tom began freelancing and worked with Barak Marshall, as well as Company E in Washington, DC, where he set both Ohad and Sharon's work and served as rehearsal director. Tom was a founding member of Sharon's new project, L-E-V, and danced with the Gothenburg Ballet where he performed works by Peeping Tom, Marie Chouinard, and Alex Eckman.  He was a guest artist with Michael Keegan Dolan's-Fabulous Beast Dance Theater (2013), with the Batsheva Dance Company (2014) and with the Forsyth Company (2015). He has been a Gaga teacher for the past 8 years, and has taught Gaga and Ohad Naharin’s repertory in schools such as the Netherlands Dance Theater Summer Program (2010 - 2014), the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, the Taipei National University of the Arts and Springboard Dans Montreal.
Tom is a choreographer and began creating through Batsheva Dancers Create during his time with the Company. In 2014 he won the International Solo Tanz Theater Festival with his work Nemek, which has toured in Germany and Brazil.

November 9/13 h: 11,00 /14,30

Keren Rosenberg  Gaga & choreographic practice

The workshop will explore the choreographic practice of Keren Rosenberg and her ongoing dialogue with the gaga movement language.Everyday we will start with a Gaga dancers classes followed by a movement and choreographic research which will be developed into a short piece.The week will focus on the idea of passion as a means of communication. What kind of physical properties can passion trigger? What is special about your passion? How do you share passion? How dealing with these ideas affects the environment we move in?working with our transformative being as a channel to expose hidden “truths” about ourselves. Using this creative process to get to  know more about ourselves and the way we share ourselves with others.  Through the use of touch, feedback and shifted intention,  we will be pushing ourselves to make statements without holding back. Committing to clarity and accuracy in the way we morph and phrase ourselves in space.

November 26th /29th
26 - 27- 28 / 11 h:  11,00/14,30
29 /11 h: 15,00/18,30
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Jon Ole Olstad

started dancing at the age of 16 and took his first ballet class when auditioning for a high school dance department. He quickly realized dancing was his big passion and that he would do anything to make his dream of becoming a professional dancer come true. Later he was accepted into the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, and graduated with a bachelor degree in 2009. After college he was hired for the tour project "Kamuyot", a collaboration between the Swedish Riksteatern and Batsheva Dance Company led by artistic director Ohad Naharin. During this time he participated in daily 'gaga' class, the training form they use in Batsheva Dance Company, and developed a great love and respect for this work. In 2010 Jon Ole formed the choreographic duo "Ruth n ´Walter" together with Caroline Skjoershammer. Their first duet "Epilogue" got invited to the Cross Connection Choreography Competition and in 2012 they created "Dear, its time to turn the lights off", which was performed in different festivals and venues. In 2013, Jon Ole was hired by Nederlands Dans Theater 1, led by artistic director Paul Lightfoot. He has worked with choreographers such as Paul Lighfoot and Sol Leon, Johan Inger, Hofesh Shechter, Marco Goecke, Alexander Ekman, Jiri Kylian, Mehdi Walerski and Crystal Pite. In 2015 he was awarded 1. Prize in the prestigious competition, International Solo- Tanz Festival in Stuttgart. With his solo "and we already knew the names" he was awarded 1.Prize in Dance and 1.Prize in the Choreography category. He started teaching in 2009 and has a huge passion for sharing his knowledge and the love of dance. He has taught at numerous colleges and studios across Norway, as well as in Los Angeles and New York City- Lines Ballet in San Fransisco, New York University/Tisch, The National Academy Of The Arts in Oslo, Edge performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, Movement Lifestyle and Opificio Movimento in Rome .


November 28/29

28/11 h: 15,00/16,15 Gaga class - h: 16,30/18,30 Sharon Eyal Rep.

29/11 h: 11,00/12,15 Gaga class - h: 12,30/14,30 Sharon Eyal Rep
is from New Hampshire, USA and studied at St. Paul’s School and the Juilliard School, where he received his BFA. He worked with Aszure Barton and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Hell’s Kitchen Dance before joining the Batsheva Ensemble in 2007. Doug continued to the Batsheva Dance Company from 2008 to 2012, where he worked with Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal, and became a student and teacher of Gaga. He is now a founding member of Sharon’s new project, L-E-V, and has been assisting her in creations for companies such as the Gothenburg Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater 2, and the Royal Swedish Opera. Doug also teaches Ohad and Sharon’s repertory in schools and universities around the US. He is a recipient of the 2007 MOVADO Future Legends Award, nominated by Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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December 14/18

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