martedì 3 novembre 2015


November 5/8


November 5-6-8
h: 11,00/12,15 Gaga class

h: 12,30/14,30 Naharin Rep.

November 7th 
h: 18,00/19,15 gaga class
h: 19.30/21,30 Naharin Repertoire

Centro Danza Royal 
via San Marino, 89/14 Torino

Special prices deadline extended to October 12nd    - € 130,00  4 days
Scholarship 2015 - 50% less  € 90,00

Discounts for schools
10% off up to 5 students from the same school
20% discount for more than 5 students from the same school

After October 12nd
Single Gaga class € 15,00
- 1 day Gaga class & Repertory (1 days)     €   65,00 +  m.r.  
- 2 days class & Repertory (2 days)             €  120,00 +  m.r 
- 3 days class &Repertory( 3 days)              €   165,00 +  m.r.
- 4 days class & Repertory (4days)              €  180,00 + m.r.

Discounts for schools
10% off up to 5 students from the same school
20% discount for more than 5 students from the same school
10% fino a 5 ragazzi della stessa scuola- 20% per più di 5 ragazzi

TARIFFE SPECIALI prorogata al 12 ottobre  € 110,00 (4 gg) 
- Tariffa Scholarship 2015 - € 90,00
- tariffa professionale 20% - Tariffa professionale può essere richiesta solo se iscritti a tutto l'anno accademico
NEW!!! - tariffa studenti universitari € 100,00 x 3 giorni - € 130 studenti (4 gg)

TARIFFE dopo il 12 ottobre
- 1 giorno       €     65,00 +  m.r.  
- 2 giorni        €   120,00 +  m.r 
- 3 giorni        €   165,00 +  m.r.
- 4 giorni        €   180,00 + m.r.
Yaniv Avraham started dancing in Karmi Machol Karmiel, a folk dance academy and company, and he continued his training from 1999-2001 at the Mate Asher School of Performing Art (MASPA) alongside the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company on Kibbutz Ga’aton.  In June 2001 he joined Batsheva Ensemble and in February 2003 was promoted to Batsheva Dance Company, where he danced until July 2010.  While with Batsheva, Yaniv performed works by artistic director Ohad Naharin, house choreographer Sharon Eyal, and guest choreographer Mats Ek.  In recent years, he has performed in the works of fellow Batsheva alumni Noa Zuk and Gili Navot.  As a dancer, he has received grants from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Education, the Sharett Foundation, and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

Yaniv choreographed several works for Batsheva Dancers Create from 2004-2010.  Since leaving the company, he has created new dances for MASPA and Florida University, and his solo Somersault (2013) was performed in several festivals at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, Dance Makers in Amsterdam, and MDF in Reggio Calabria (Italy).  Yaniv has taught Gaga, Ohad Naharin’s movement language, to both dancers and non-dancers in Israel and internationally, and he has also taught Naharin’s repertory.  He has taught for dance companies including Batsheva, Carte Blanche, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and Cullberg Ballet and at dance departments at schools such as University of Florida, Jacksonville University, Tisch (NYU), and University of Southern Florida.  He has led master classes and/or workshops in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the U.S.

Alongside his ongoing choreographic work and teaching, Yaniv is currently the artistic director of MASPA.

How to appply?

PAYMENT METHOD : Bank transfer
Banca Regionale Europea
Via Giolitti, 16 10100 Torino
IBAN - IT25X0690601015000000001183 
swift code BREUITM1  
banking expenses will be charge to the student
email to Romina
tel 00393  3356931525 
RESIDENCE VILLA5 - for information  please call:
Susanna +393482803467
or by email
If by reason of Act of God, beyond the control of either party, the workshop/s set out above are cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization itself, repay the entire amount paid for participation.
If you cancel, we regret that Nuova Officina della danza Asd cannot make any refunds. Please make sure that you can make the dates 

Se per qualsiasi ragione il workshop subisse cambiamenti o cancellazioni, ci saranno rimborsi solo ed esclusivamente per ragioni imputabili all'organizzazione stessa. Se l'associato cancella la propria partecipazione, ci dispiace ma Nuova Officina della danza non potrà effettuare nessun rimborso, neanche parziale.
Please make sure that you can make the dates
If you cancel  we regret that Nuova Officina della danza Asd cannot make any refunds. 

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