martedì 15 gennaio 2013


 Audizione per assegnazione di 

 3 borse di studio alla Peridance 
di New York

tenuta da IGAL PERRY

Torino 21 marzo h: 13.00/15.00

Accompagnamento al piano: Maestro Cosimo Santoro

L'audizione sarà tenuta dal Maestro Igal Perry direttore e fondatore della Peridance & Capezio Center di New York
La selezione avverrà durante la lezione di danza classica aperta a tutti.
Per partecipare alla selezione e per iscriversi alla selezione 2013 è necessaio chiedere apposito modulo d'iscrizione, (nel caso di minori anche autorizzazione minori) e rinviarlo compilato entro il 18 marzo p.v.  all'indirizzo email  assieme ad un breve c.v., foto primo piano e lettera motivazionale in inglese.

The audition will be held by IGAL PERRY director and founder Peridance & Capezio Center,
during a ballet class open to everyone, who is interested to the audition 2013 , should require the registration form and return it filled within March 18, with a brief c.v., photo and motivation letter in English to 

La selezione seguirà il seguente programma:

- 1 h lezione tecnica classica (ballet)
- 1 h repertorio della Peridance Contemporary Company (repertory)

Il costo è di :

€ 13,00 per gli associati
€ 16,00 per i non associati

E' richiesto un abbigliamento adeguato ad una lezione di danza classica
Dress code applies for a ballet class

per info: 0039 393 0839097

BLUEPRINT Summer Intensive - June 17th - 29th, 2013, ages 16-22
Peridance Capezio Center brings a unique Summer Intensive experience to pre-professional Ballet and Contemporary dancers. Bridging the gap between conservatory ballet technique and the innovation of the current contemporary scene, BLUEPRINT brings dancers face to face with current influential dance educators and artists. Our mission is to expose students to the best in the business, helping them advance their dance careers. This Intensive is an exciting opportunity to polish technique, learn repertory from prestigious working choreographers, perform on a professional New York City stage, and gain a fresh and unique edge! Pointework is required for female dancers. 

Teen Summer Intensive - July 1st - 27th, 2013, ages 12-17
This 4-week comprehensive training program is designed for dancers with serious goals to develop, increase, and strengthen their level of technique, self-confidence, and artistry. The program offers 25 classes per week in ballet, pointe/pre-pointe, modern, contemporary, open classes in various styles, and repertory from master choreographers to demonstrate the participants’ amplified understanding of technique, movement, and performance skills in a fully produced performance presented at Peridance's in-house Salvatore Capezio Theater at the culmination of the Intensive.

Certificate Program - Enroll for the Fall or Spring Semester! ages 17-25
This two-year Program is designed for serious dance students who want to invest in an intensive collegiate-level training program. Our renowned faculty and comprehensive curriculum prepares students to be technically accomplished, versatile, and fully equipped to be successful in the professional dance world.  The program offers two tracks: Ballet/Contemporary  - to prepare students for work with major dance companies and the concert stage, and Commercial - to prepare students for careers on Broadway and in commercial dance. The curriculum includes a minimum of three classes per day, five days a week, emphasizes personal attention and mentoring in order to nurture each student's full potential, and fosters extensive knowledge of the chosen dance track. Performance skills are honed through numerous performance opportunities, seminars, and workshops. The Program is open to both Domestic and International students.